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Welcome To The Bitchery
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New job offer and negotiating

This post isn’t to ask for advice but just to say that I got a job offer from a much larger company! I would be doing similar work as I do now but be paid ~$15k more per year. They sent me a starting offer and I think they low-balled me a bit (full disclosure: I have a former colleague who works there and she has been giving me lots of guidance on everything) so I sent back my counter offer. The HR person said they would have to ask the hiring manager. I’m hoping they come up just a little bit, but even if they don’t I’ll take the job anyway. I know people send counter offers all the time but the irrational part of me is just like “What if they just rescind it altogether?” 

It’s a big career upgrade. I can commute from my current location (~1 hour one way) but will probably be moving before the end of the year. I need some time to save up for new pet deposits, down payments, and movers because I am not moving our apartment again.


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