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New job, soon to be old job?

I need to get a gut check about my new job, and if my feeling that my boss is going to fire me any moment now is unfounded or should start looking?

I started a new job about two months ago. It’s in my field but a very niche market. I am familiar with some of the product type, but not all. Moreover, this office has very specific process of doing things that is really awesome in that a lot of it is ‘figured out’ but specific pieces only go in specific places. I’m a senior person (almost 20 years experience) but there’s a pretty steep learning curve for me on both the product type and the process.

Last week I had about three projects in my workload and then my boss dumped a fourth one on me. “It shouldn’t take you that long” - except everything is new to me and it just takes me longer because either I have to figure things out or I’m just not sure and my boss and her second in command are just really super busy.

So.... I missed three deadlines this week because nothing I did was right and they kept making me redo things (“it’s in another file, just find it!” when there’s fifty similar projects...I seem to pick the wrong reference) and I couldn’t get to my other projects that both had deadlines this week.

She has acknowledged that I am new and it’s going to be awhile before I am completely up to speed, but I wish she had thought about it two weeks ago.

I am pretty frustrated right now and feel utterly useless now. I haven’t had a chat with my boss about my performance, but I am pretty sure she’s not happy with me. So, besides having a check-in with her and mmmaybe getting some reassurance, does starting to look for a new job sound like a bad idea? Because I am basically waiting for her to fire me at this point.


There’s also the part of me that really just wants to make a career switch because I find the work to be soul sucking. However, I doubt things will change much.

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