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New Job: Survey Says

I just worked 12 hours, which brings me to 48 and a half hours over the past five days. Despite this, I'm not into overtime, because the pay cycle is Friday-Thursday. My feet are busted. I worked my ass off today. I am punchy as fuck.

And holy fuck did I make the right call switching to this job.

I did the math — even after taxes, for five days of work I just made around $480. Sure it was exhausting, but it was with people I (mostly, more on this in a second) like, doing a job I don't find particularly difficult (just a bit physically exhausting), with actual legit perks, that I didn't hate showing up for. The bus isn't actually that bad; I leave 45 minutes before my shift rather than 30 (like I used to). There's a giant fuck you hill I have to walk up to the arena, but that's probably the biggest issue with the job, and that ain't shit.

First off, I eat for free. One of the first things they said in orientation was "you don't get to eat any leftover banquet food because yadda yadda yadda some stupid bullshit about fairness blah blah blah. Uhhh, fuck you, when our banquets are over, WE FUCKING FEAST. Literally every single one. If I'm walking through the kitchen, the cooks are like "hey, have one of those cookies/chicken tenders/other delicious things" (the cooks are awesome, I should mention, particularly the two executive chefs, who are both fucking great). If for whatever reason there isn't food (such as lunch today, because the event was a dinner event) I get a $7.50 value in anything from the food court. Today I had that AND dinner. Also we have a cart that is permanently filled with Dippin' Dots (which I always disliked before, but I'm developing a strange taste for now).

Second, I get to spend any downtime (of which there is a lot) dicking around on my cell phone. When it's time to work, it's time to work...but the nature of banquets being what they are, there's going to be a significant amount of time that just consists of standing around waiting to do what you need to do. Most jobs, even in those situations, the bosses won't let you fuck around on your phone to entertain yourself; you will be bored and like it, damn you. At mine, nobody gives a shit. Also, the very first thing my direct supervisor told me was "all that stuff about turning your cell phone off that they told you in orientation, ignore that. It needs to be on so we can contact each other" (it's a really big building).

Third, I really like (almost all) of the people I work with. My boss is a big derpy yinzer who, while he has his flaws, is also infinitely good-natured and refreshingly crass — for instance, when he asked us to submit suggestions for the names of a restaurant they're adding to the food court where the cuisine is picked randomly each day, which they had initially wanted to call The Wheelhouse, he laughed his ass off at my suggestion of "why not call it 'What the Fuck's For Lunch?'" For some reason I can't fully understand, he started calling me Kanifflecamp today (wtf, Boss? You are a crazy person), but whatever.

The other banquet servers are, with one exception, great. Even the ones who aren't as "work hard all the time" as I am are super helpful and really funny. The one exception is someone who isn't a bad guy, but who is lazy as shit. He's best friends with my direct supervisor, which you'd think would be a problem...except she fully realizes he's lazy as shit and after today's event straight-up told me "I don't think I can put him on these any more." Also she thought it was funny when I told her that if I was ever put on an event with just me and him, I might murder him with a cocktail fork (and this is HER FRIEND).

Which brings me to my favorite person I work with: my direct supervisor. Here is a conversation from earlier today:

Her *after assigning me to go grab a tray of sugar caddies from upstairs*: "How many caddies did we have?"
Me: "About 7-8 less than we did when I first picked up the tray."
Her: *laughs*

Can I just tell you how fucking awesome it is to work in an environment where people DON'T freak out if something like "a tray got dropped and a few caddies broke" happens? The fact that I wasn't apprehensive about making that joke tells you a lot. My supervisor is exactly what I want out of a boss: someone fun to talk to who is good at her job and values hard workers, but isn't a hardass in any way and is really understanding about the fact that I just started, so I won't automatically know where everything is/how to do everything. She is also really, really flexible with scheduling, and something like "hey, I'm going to be out of town that weekend" is not met with a freaked-out/angry "you aren't committed enough to this job" speech. Also I have the next two days off and I am super psyched about that.

Bedtime now.


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