I have wanted an enameled cast iron griddle pan for about a year. So I can cook and have grillmarks and char and fantasticness in my veggies. But the nice ones are so pricey!

Well, Macy’s had the Martha Stewart ones on sale today, and I had a coupon, too!! So now I have one - which of course meant I had to USE IT TODAY.

Right, so I was already making collards with great northern beans (wanted to make Hoppin John for the new year, but didn’t plan ahead and the store was out of black-eyed peas — very odd, since I live in a ridiculously suburban part of St. Louis County).

So then I grilled red pepper slices, sugar snap peas, and sweet potato slices.

Behold my dinner of champions! Look at the grill marks! I’m so fancy now!


What dinner of champions are you having? I had cheese for lunch, so no judgment for anyone’s choices.