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New Kitteh!

A few scant weeks ago, I had to say goodbye to my almost-20 year old cat. Not only did he leave a huge hole in my heart, but he left the other cat in the house without a feline compadre.

Unfortunately for the remaining cat, we have a lot of crap to do on weekends, leaving his adorable self alone. He loves hanging out with us, and leaving him alone seemed to be bad; last weekend we were gone during the day on both Saturday and Sunday. We came home to him staring at the ceiling at invisible bugs. The husband says, "We need another cat to entertain this guy."

I didn't want another cat just yet. My old cat was such a big presence. But the remaining cat needs a distraction besides us mere hoomans. So yesterday when I was running errands, I went to a pet supply place to get a collar for our remaining cat. There I saw a cat that seemed like a good companion for our cat. I asked about him, and was able to pet him. He seemed cool. I emailed the rescue group responsible for him, and got mixed messages about his compatibility with another cat who is rather active and rambunctious.


But I was very hopeful; that cat was fucking cute. So I dragged the husband to the pet supply place today to this cat again. Cat was high-strung, and I decided he was too much for us and our cat. So as we walked back to the car in the parking lot, the husband says, "Well, we don't have to get a cat today..." and I said, "How about we go to the animal shelter to see what they have just for chuckles?" He agreed, and off we went.

At the local animal shelter, we quickly found two cats that interested us. The extremely friendly one was already tagged to be adopted out. The other one was asleep, but when we got him into the meeting room, he happily accepted scratches and petting. He has some bald spots due to him being allergic to flea bites. He was absolutely covered in fleas when he initially came to the shelter as a stray. Added bonus: he was adopted out to a guy who didn't know shit about cats; he let the cat roam free in his place as soon as he got the cat to his home instead of isolating him in a smaller area first. So the dude was upset that the cat hid under his bed for a week. NO DUH. So he returned the cat approximately a week ago.

We adopted this flea-bitten cat on the spot. Due to the fleas, we had to borax our carpeting immediately, as we have a minor flea problem. It needed to be done, so par for the course. Cat is in one of the bathrooms under quarantine to rule out any possible upper respiratory infections; our rambunctious cat we already had is wondering why his world is turning upside down. I think they'll end up getting along after this week.

In other words: EEEEEEEE! New cat! I think he'll get along with our other cat! I love cats!

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