I adopted a kitten!! Meet Arya:

There seem to be a lot of happy cat people here on GT (I AM NOW ONE OF YOU), so I thought I'd crowd source this one.


She's three months old, and my partner is home most of the time, so she's basically never alone, at least until his job search pans out. We have the typical toys (jingle balls, a cuddly cat nip doll thing, a mouse on a stick kind of thing), but neither of us has the energy to run around in circles with her for hours, and she clearly needs more stimulation! We play with her a lot, but she seems to have a lot of nervous energy (I mean, she was moved long distance from a cat rescue shelter and then introduced into a new home just yesterday) and gets a little destructive when that maxes out. She is a total sweetie, really social, and her old foster family said she "thinks she's people". I already care about the little bugger more than my furniture, but chewing on wires or trying to eat paper towel can't be good for her, and at some point we will have to leave her alone.

Any advice? Specific toys that are engaging without needing any/a lot of human manipulation? Human-involved tactics to tire a kitten out? If you don't have any advice, but have funny new kitten/cat stories, feel free to share - I am in a haze of happy new-cat-ness, and would love to hear them (if Kinja sobers up).