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New Layout Feels

In which I outline my fee-fees. Because I have them.

Good Fee-Fees:

  • Smaller pictures! I had to scroll an entire page to start reading an article before.
  • It's easier to read the end of page now, with all the About/Help/etc. links.
  • The menu icon is very aesthetically pleasing!
  • It makes much more sense to put the link to Groupthink under that menu than the other menu it used to be under.

Bad Fee-Fees:

  • With Adblocker the layout looks kinda weird, which weirds me out as making ads an integral part of your design seems...off to me.
  • The notifications are below a bunch of other static links :(
  • Right-clicking on the text of an article doesn't give you the link right-click menu so I have to make sure to right click on the title to open it in a new tab.
  • I can't tell easily when something was shared so I can avoid Kotaku like the plague. :(

Come on everyone share your fee-fees!


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