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New makeup! I'm so excited!

So, FYI, I am a complete novice when it comes to makeup. Most days, if I decide to wear anything, it's mascara, lipstick and maybe liquid liner on the top of my eyes. I'm a little self conscious when it comes to wearing colors on my lips, cheeks and eyes because I have dark skin, and most colors seem to be made for light/medium tones. I've strayed away from bold lipsticks. But today...

Today, I grabbed a Cargo Vintage Escape palette from Ulta for 20 bucks! and..embracing the inner 90's music video lover in me, grabbed two ULTRA dark lipsticks by Iman. One, Black Brandy, is a very dark oxblood, and the other—Wild thing—is similar but even darker because it has a lot more purple. How can lipstick make you feel like a completely different person?

Now, because I can never resist picking the hive mind's collective brain, please advise how one should go about wearing makeup to compliment super dark oxblood lips?


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