Seems like we missed this yesterday, unless I'm not seeing the article on GT. Long and short: New Mexico (aka The Quiet Kid In Class Who You Never Think About Until They Randomly Bring Everyone Donuts One Day) enacted marriage equality thanks to a unanimous state Supreme Court ruling. Since New Mexico was the ONLY state in the Union that did not have any law either approving or disapproving of marriage equality before this point (seriously, how bananas is that? They were the only one), there aren't really grounds to appeal this on β€” it's basically a done deal. But, you know, that makes sense that we missed it, since we were all busy caring (for some fucking reason) what some backwoods dipshit on Duck Dynasty had to say about gay people. God I hate reality TV for the fact that it's given people like this an actual voice in the public square.

Anyway, I'd like to cordially point out that I called it in May. Actually, of my top six "next states to enact marriage equality" candidates there, only Oregon hasn't yet (granted, most of them were gimmes, but I'm damn sure taking credit for spotting New Mexico over half a year ago when no one else was talking about it). Oregon has to be next (they already recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states), and I still think the list of potentials after that holds true β€” I'd be shocked if it isn't Colorado or Nevada after Oregon, for example. That's where it gets interesting: I still say Wisconsin and Michigan have to be high up the list, but Michigan's such a mess right now that I don't think we'll see anything out of it any time soon. Of the battleground states, I still maintain that Virginia is the first domino to fall.