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New Mutants Anyone Excited? Trailer of Movie

I saw the trailer and said that not how I remember it. The New Mutants were a really good XMen spinoff series in the 80s they were the new students of Xavier.

My favorite character was Cypher aka Doug Ramsey. Ok worthless in battle. But his talent was languages including computer languages. Yeah worthless in battle. Still he always tried and was let’s face it the most relatable of XMen. He was the Mutant Nerd. I got into XMen via this 80s New Mutant series. Gowing up I was way more a DC reader. New Mutants and Savage Sword were the main Marvel comics I read.


Pic of Doug Ramsey.

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This trailer is a complete departure from the 80s comic series though.

Any original New Mutants fans? Anyone excited?

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