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Who here is watching Poldark? You know what I’m talking about. Who here ISN’T watching Poldark? You should really remedy that.

It’s about a guy who returns to Cornwall after the American Revolution, in 1783, to find his life there not as he’d left it. He’s an outsider with little patience for society and its way of doing things. He’s an interesting guy, surrounded by interesting people.


It starts off moody, but then gets gorgeous.

I mean, look at those colors! Look at those cliffs! So many shots of a silouhetted man riding a horse along a cliff.


....there is also this:


It knows what it’s selling, and it markets it well. It should tide things over nicely, until the rest of Outlander can be purchased on Sept. 29th.


Poldark is available through PBS for free, or Amazon for $.

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