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You remember Broken Telephone from your childhood, right? Where a phrase is whispered down a chain, getting more and more distorted along the way? This is a new, online twist on that old game.

The way the game works is this: The game starts with someone writing a phrase. The next person sees the phrase, and attempts to draw it. Then the person after them only sees the drawing, and writes a phrase to describe it. It alternates like this until the game ends on a phrase, and you get to see exactly how far off you were from the original. Here's an example of one.


It's kind of hard to draw with a mouse, but there are lots of people that can't draw in the game like me! Also you need to be invited, but I put in my email and they invited me within the day, so that's no huge impediment to playing.

Check it out here! Come play with me! It's fun!

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