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Good evening, friends! The American president is a fucking nightmare and the world is going to hell, so please distract me with fun and unimportant things.

Got any new (or new-to-you) makeup or skin care products to share? Help me spend money I don’t have on stuff I don’t need! Apologies in advance for my terrible photographs.


This new shampoo and conditioner are GREAT. I have thin wavy/curly white-girl hair that is now mostly gray, which means it really wants to be all frizzy. I love how these work for me. My hair feels so good I kind of can’t stop running my own hands through it.

I recently got splurge-y at the Lancome counter and treated myself to their Cils Booster lash primer and this burgundy mascara. In my defense, the young man who was helping me was beautiful and his makeup was so Instagram perfect I would have bought any damn thing he tried to sell me. The primer pumps up my lashes and means that I only need to use one coat of mascara rather than piling it on and having it get clumped. This mascara give me great definition, stays on all day, and the color is a bit softer than black, which I’ve moved away from as I’ve gotten older - black is just too harsh for me and really emphasizes lines.


This facial mist is crazy refreshing! I use it a couple of times a day, usually in the afternoon or evening, when I just need to wake myself up and/or I want to feel a little less icky. Usually I’ll use a blotting paper first and then mist this all over like I’m some kind of fancy. This was a gift but I will definitely be spending too much to buy more when it’s empty. Also, I enjoy the quotation marks around Tibetan ginseng.

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