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New Orleans Friends: A Party to End All Parties

I am in a sub-krewe of the NOLA Mardi Gras parade Krewe du Vieux (this means I parade), and we throw a fundraiser every year for stupid things (last year it was a glitter cannon, but turns out that doesn't exist, and then we tried to make one but failed because I wasn't in charge and I know how to make things and everyone else is an idiot).

No mainpaging puhlease! (Does that work? I don't usually get mainpaged...)

My (NSFW) krewe is awesome (NSWF) because we made it onto Deadspin (NSFW) last year. We were also mentioned in the NYT (yes SFW).


So I want to invite NOLA-area people to it (or if you've been thinking about visiting NOLA...)! It's carnival themed and insanely offensive, for the record. September 14th, all day.

Inane Clown Posse Presents: Cirque d' So-Lame 3: Le Ménage à Trois

Your favorite low-lifes from the Mystic Krewe of Inane are back! This time, we're bigger, better, and wetter!

$10 donation gets you entry and access to kegs of beer, performances and debauchery. Bring cash for food from Shortall's BBQ (from 12 Mile Limit) and games chances!

Step right up to your old favorites, like Pop That Pussy and the Birth Canal ride! Jesus's 3rd coming will include a whole new list of services, including an Exorcism Raffle! Come try your hand at our brand new attractions - Meth Mouth and Rock the Cock!

Witness a good ole fashioned cock fight! Prove your manhood by participating in our Ballsack Race! Take a walk down memory lane by playing 2 Girls 1 Cup! The possibilities are endless!

Your gracious donation goes towards internet sensation Mystic Krewe of Inane (of NY Times fame) a subkrewe of Krewe du Vieux. We will use your HARD earned dollars to improve our float, throw more glitter and buy new livers for all of our krewe members!


I know this might be a little risky in giving out some personal info, but since our whole krewe is promoting this all over the place, I sort of feel like it's probably not much different.

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