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New Orleans takes down first of 4 Confederate Monuments under the cover of night due to death threats.

ETA - technically the first monument is actually post-Confederacy. I mean, this is not really a surprise to me, or probably you, that people in support of taking Confederate monuments down receive death threats. Anyway, I’m happy we are doing it, and hope this is all bark and no bite.


In the article, it states that snipers were stationed around in case anyone messed with the workers. The companies working on it concealed their names on their trucks, and the workers hid their faces behind cloths.

I agree with our mayor that of the four, this monument was probably the “most offensive.” It was a monument to the white supremacists who fought and died opposing the Reconstruction-Era racially integrated government in New Orleans at the time.


Yep, not a monument to a Confederate general who some could (erroneously) argue deserves to be honored because of his role in history. Nope. A monument to a white supremacist rebellion.


ETA because link didn’t seem to post the first time.

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