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Yesterday, after stumbling out of bed into the living room, I was greeted by one of my roommates. I thought she was gonna talk to me about bedbugs so I resigned myself, but instead....she asked me about getting a dog!!!

One of her friends wants to give away her lovely, sweet, well behaved chow/pom named Pepper and everyone in our house agreed to foster until friend decides if she really wants to give the dog up. If she does, Pepper stays!! I'm going to spoil her so damn rotten. I'm going to be the best Alpha-mom ever! And between 5 roommates with prior dog experience it shouldn't be too hard to make sure she's walked and fed and kept company throughout the day. But because I'm home the most, am a huge HUGE dog person, and have had a doggy-sized hole in my heart since Zerah passed in June this is totally gonna be me and her:


My roomie is gonna pick her up sometime today. I can't even wait- I woke up at 8 this morning, even though I work nights and went to sleep late. It feels like Christmas!

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