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New Start

BoyPenguin and I now officially live in the Bay Area!

We are adapting to city living, as well as a smaller place (3 bedroom to a 1 bedroom). The options of stores here is sometimes completely overwhelming. Not just the number of stores you can go to, but the amount of things that each place has. I know that sounds kinda silly to say, but we’ve both been living so long in a place where the nearest shopping was in another town and, while the stores had lots of things, the stores here seem to be bigger, have more stuff, etc. We went to a real mall yesterday, one with a food court! We hadn’t been to one of those in years.

We also went to a baseball game yesterday, Giants vs. the Rockies! Which was cool because we just moved from Colorado, and while I’m not a huge baseball fan, I do like the Rockies. Before the game, we met Willie Mays. He asked BP if he played football and BP said no (BP is the opposite of jock; he never even came close to playing football). Willie said “Good! You’d get killed out there.” We’re not sure if he was making a dig at BP, or making a joke about the dangers of football, but it was pretty hilarious. And then the Rockies won!


I now have the task of unpacking and setting up our place, after being the one who did the majority of the packing up of our place, getting rid of things, and then MomPenguin and I drove it all out here in a UHaul (also, driving a uhaul in the city? NO THANK YOU PLEASE). And while there are still tons of things in boxes needing to be unpacked, and the kitchen still needs a lot of work, I’m glad I’m here. I’m excited about our new adventure, a new city, and a whole new life, really. Because this is very different from where we were living and we’ll probably be gawking at things for a while. 

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