Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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New Stuff Post!

New, new to you, “new” aka just found something you already had, etc.

It’s cold as balls outside which means I can rock a few cardigans which are too heavy to wear at work most of the year. I kinda forgot I owned them since they aren’t in the usual rotations.


I just bought like $30 worth of Penzey’s spices. They have a free mini soul box promo today and a free half cup jar of spice of your choice (under $10) promo you can stack. And free shipping at $30. So I am getting A TON OF STUFF TO COOK WITH!!!!

It’s my birthday month so I went to Sephora yesterday and got some eye cream (stupid gravity and aging) and my birthday gift! YAY more makeup I didn’t need!

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