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New Tattoo! ... and a weird reaction...

In honor of my 30th birthday in a few days, I got a new tattoo today! My family and friend decided to join me for a tattoo party. Six ladies, six tattoos, two artists. So fun.

It's a birds-eye view of Reykjavik AND I LOVE IT.

This is my 5th tattoo and by far my largest. All of my other tattoos went very smoothly, minimal pain, no problem. Well, about an hour after my tattoo was done, I started..not feeling well. The stinging was pretty intense but bearable, and I started feeling lightheaded and nauseous as my mom was getting her tattoo. The feeling got stronger and stronger until I realized I needed to get home, and probably shouldn't drive myself. My friend took me home and I immediately popped a xanax and laid down on the couch, elevating my leg. The xanax has already kicked in and I'm feeling much better, but pretty bummed out that it put a damper on my tattoo party! It was not a response I'd had before to getting a tattoo.


Has anyone else had lightheadedness or panic after getting a tattoo?

Edit: I do not understand why the picture is going sideways...and I do not know how to fix it.

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