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I am actually team dog and cat now, because I love all my little pets (we have two cats who are adjusting very well). We just got a very adorable little Chihuahua mix from a shelter. We have never had dogs as adults (just family dogs as kids) and are seriously freaking out. We got our little boy a week ago and while he has made great strides (no accidents while we are at work, sleeping in his crate and no destructive behavior while we are at work) we are also really nervous. We want him to be a little camping dog and he is apparently very afraid of the car. He also doesn't really walk on the leash that well. He mainly sits there, much as a cat on a leash would. We are taking him to the local PetCo for doggy training tomorrow. We might also take him for his level 2 trainings to a different non/ chain trainer. Any words of encouragement? Advice. Anyone have a hard time getting their doggy to walk (as opposed to sit there)? We know since he's a little Chi he won't be a big trail hiker and that is okay. But we want him to walk around the campground with us and not be traumatized by a car ride. Help!!! BTW, we have adopted him so unless he kills one of our cats we are 100% committed to being his parents. Also, we are 100% committed to not allowing him to hurt the cats either.


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