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New Team Dog Member Pupdate

Thanks to everyone who helped me cope with my new puppy a few days ago. We took him to obedience training (which is really training for us) on Monday and had this major milestone. With all of your great advice and a trainer who seems to be pretty awesome so far, we got a little perspective. We had been so nervous and anxious about whether we were going to be able to train him and help him become a good dog that he was probably picking up on our anxiety. After training on Monday we got some good tools to help guide him to learn to walk on the leash and I baked him some home made training treats. Tuesday was so relaxed. He did great with his leash walking training and we took him to the dog park and he was so happy. He is even getting better about the car. It's like all it took was for us to learn how to work with him for him to be successful and then we had this amazing two days. I know not every day will be perfect, but he looks so happy and proud with his little chest puffed out when I see him doing what we ask and getting his little treats. He is even beginning to get the hang of our schedule so he will lay down and let me put the leash on him so he can go outside. I can't thank you guys enough for the encouragement and great tips. Now to get the cats on board with the new pup . . .


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