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I am a musical crumudgeon. I have only adopted a few musicians or bands since college and most of those sound a lot like what I was already listening to.

This Elle King video popped up on my FB feed today and I bought her album off of Amazon. I thought I would share. She’s a thick girl with an excellent voice, strong eye liner game, and she has a rock/blues/country thing going on. My son sat and watched the entire show from The Blackheart at SXSW 2013. I’ve never seen him watch anything on youtube that long.

(scantily clad men, so maybe NSFW)

She also covers My Neck/My Back. (uh, really NSFW if you are unfamiliar)

It looks like the full length album dropped in February and she did the morning news show circut. She has a show here in November, but I don’t know anyone else who is playing and I don’t want to pay $40 to see an opening act when it’s all standing room in a bar.


She seems fun.

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