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New Ulta polish: Whim

Has anyone seen this at their local Ulta? They have a new polish called Whim. Because 99% of nail blog posts talk about 'whim' purchases, finding any details on this polish have been kind of difficult.

I ended up buying two of them, because I needed a shimmery navy and the other had iridescent glitter, which I can't pass up.


I ended up being super impressed by the navy (Indigo Waters). It's practically a one-coater with a nice shimmer.

I haven't tried the other one yet, but I'm dying to.

I mean, look at that. Very ocean-y, which I kind of need right now because there is no place I'd rather be than on a boat somewhere warm.

I didn't pick up any other once, since they're $10 a pop, but I think I might grab some more of them, the next time I'm at Ulta.

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