I want to start a weekly feature that makes sure everyone feels included...

So guise, I had a huge, long winded post written about how I never before considered that some people may really have their feelings hurt by having an awesome story left out of the dump. I realize that I was just seeing things from my POV and that other people have other feelings (imagine that!).

I'm going to try and publish this every Tuesday (try and Tuesday are the keys there...it may be Wednesday every once in awhile). Anyone who wrote what they feel was an awesome post that didn't get the attention they wanted- can email me the link (with any updates about the post) or message me with it BEFORE Monday morning (9 am CST). I'm going to limit it to one awesome post per person and going to ask if it made the Dump on its day, that you not include it.

I'd really like to do this- I know that some of us feel that not making the Dump isn't a big thing, but some of us feel a little left out. So...I want to get everyone in- not to appease a few people, but to catch some posts that we're proud of ourselves for writing (we always want to build each other up)!

In summary: 1 post/person. Monday morning of the previous week to (ideally) Sunday evening after the dump of the current week. So for next week September 23- September 29th.


Throughout the week you can leave the link to your post here or I will try to post a reminder this weekend. If you'd rather email me, leave a note in the comments and I'll get you my address.

I love y'all!