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New Wes Anderson Movie Cast is Overwhelmingly Male

I love Wes Anderson films. I love them to an extent that I dress up as characters from them for Halloween (Hello Margot Tennenbaum!) I got really excited to watch the new Wes Anderson movie trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel:

The trailer was lovely and I will probably see the movie... but about 90% of the way through I realized that women make up less than 10% of the cast and, from the looks of the trailer, about zero percent of the main characters. In fact, other than as 1 dimensional love interests, women seems to be completely absent from the movie. I hope the movie proves me wrong but, knowing the statistics on women in movies , I doubt that very much. I don't really have a more thought out point: the sexism of the lack of representation of women in film is well documented. It's just giving me a sad, guys.


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