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New year...new me?

I’m actually doing some of the things! Feel free to talk about your own small success here too :).

1. I’m on Day 3 of Yoga with Adrienne’s new 30 day challenge! That’s two whole days farther than I’ve gotten before, and I’m confident that will continue tomorrow! It’s very gentle, which is perfect for reminding my body what movement feels like. (I haven’t done yoga since the summer.)

2. I’m doing well with Dryuary. I had one beer one night when a bunch of us were at karaoke, but that’s better than the 3 I normally have so I’ll still count it as a win. Actually, I think I’m re-starting Dryuary to coincide with the yoga challenge - linking them in my mind will hopefully keep me doing both.


4. I washed my sheets last night!! It’s embarrassing I am as excited as I am!! I also made my bed this morning!!

5. Most importantly - I set three alarms for the mornings. One at 7, which is 30 minutes earlier than my normal wakeup time. A second one for 7:15, that’s gentler - and I renamed the alarm in my phone so now it’s a message telling me that’s enough news reading/social media checking, get out of bed now! And then I have a third alarm for 8am saying it’s yoga time and that I just need to start and I’ll feel so much better when I do. This has been a very effective strategy for three days now. So, it’s still new but it’s also being effective before my body gets in the habit of this schedule. I wake up early naturally but I tend to waste too much time in bed reading the internet or playing with makeup or being indecisive about my clothing instead of just getting up and doing what I need and want to do. Once I get moving I have more energy for completing other small tasks like doing dishes or taking out the trash, so all in all I’ve been feeling good.

I’m gonna try to keep up this schedule for the rest of the yoga challenge. (Including maybe weekends?? We’ll see what happens.) This semester is going to be A Lot, so keeping my body healthy and my mind less paralyzed with anxiety is going to be extremely, extremely important. So far it feels great!

PS I feel so much better now, thanks for all your sympathy over the ruptured cyst. Still not 100% but I’m waiting for my follow up appointment with a new gyno. Fingers crossed.

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