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Happy New Year GT!

Sorry I kind of disappeared for while. But I’m back to try to set up a system for us to pick up some practical skills in the New Year. If you missed the other posts, I’m trying to set up a GT group for people who want to learn some practical (survival and otherwise) skills in the New Year.

(I’m still trying to iron out a plan to do this that isn’t fantastically complicated/requiring of a ridiculous amount of effort to keep going, so if anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Also if anyone wants to volunteer to step up and help run this thing, let me know in the comments.)


General Monthly Schedule

1st of the month: Personal Monthly Goals Post-

Pretty self explanatory, everyone can state their personal goals for the month (e.g. I want to complete 1 sewing project and successfully identify 3 medicinal plants on my morning hike. Or what ever...). They can also ask questions of the group if they anticipate needing help with anything.

2nd Sunday of the month: Offers to Do An AMA/Teach In Post-

I know that we have a ton of fantastically knowledgable GTers, and many of them have already offered to do Q&As around different topics. This post can be a space for someone to volunteer to lead a discussion/teach-in/etc. for that month.


(We’ll keep this relatively loose. I anticipate that some months there will be more than one volunteer and some months there will be none. But we’ll take it as it comes...)

3rd Sunday of the month: Teach-In-

If someone has volunteered to lead a teach-in/discussion/etc., then this is when they’ll lead it.


Last day of the month: Personal Monthly Goals Post Check In-

How did everyone do on their monthly goals? Did any questions come up that you need help answering?


Finally, for today, since its January 1st, lets make it a 2 part goals post:

1. What are your skills goals for the year? What do you want to say you have learned, come December 31, 2017?


2. What are your specific goals for the month of January? How will you start off this project on the right foot? Any questions you need to ask the group?

4. Any other comments or suggestions about how to make this whole thing run smoothly and successfully? (I know people have also talked about having monthly themes, which I also think is a cool idea. But I’m not sure how to do that without adding a lot more complication.)

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