Welcome To The Bitchery

.. I’m still fucking tired of it all. Maybe you’re not, so give me your optimism :)

Put up yer dukes, friendlies & foes! Gently smack it out.....

”Golden Age” of Movies or TV or Documentaries? Or, none at all?

Pie or Cake or Bundts or Spring Pan?

Pancakes or Waffles or Omelettes? Poached eggs, anybody?

Bacon or Sausage or NO? Too much meat? Perhaps Spinach instead. Breakfast meats vs. Breakfast vegetables...? CHEESE is both, duh.


Indoor or Outdoor hi jinx ?

Tree House or Beach Tent or High Plains Drifter Caravan?

No matter what, Music is the most important component. So, drop your jams off, too. But not your jelly, because STICKY! :)

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