Last year for NYE, I went to an EDM party with some friends and my new fella*, and promptly spent the entire evening making out in a corner with him and stumbling home sometime around noon the next day in my silver sequined mesh back mini dress.

This year, I think my age is showing. I just saw the price listing for things going on for New Years Eve and in no way in hell am I spending upwards of $50+ on a night out in the middle of one of the coldest winters in recent history to be around a bunch of drunk douchebags.

Instead, I think we'll be marathoning this, and possibly cooking something fancy:

How much thought do you put into NYE? It seems like a big waste of money, but at least we get the next day off! Have you started making plans yet?

*For those wondering, we are working things out and things are going extremely well. Sometimes a fight is just a fight and we're capable of moving past things and evolving like mature adults.