Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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New Year's Resolutions

Y’all, I was supposed to have dinner with a friend tonight but she’s sick and had to cancel. So I’m taking advantage of the unexpected quiet night in to get started on creating my 2019 bullet journal (I’m a dork for stationery and I’m sooooo excited to break out my stickers and fancy pens!).

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Anyway, it got me thinking about New Year’s resolutions and wondering what the wonderful people of GT are resolving to do (or avoid doing) in 2019...I just started thinking about it but I def. need to make decreasing screen time and decreasing sugar my goals. Taking writing more seriously, making it more of a priority... that’s it so far. How about you?

Have you had good luck with previous resolutions? How’d you succeed?

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