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New Years resolutions: Anyone do them?

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I know many people are against New Years resolutions, but I really like them. It’s somewhat arbitrary, but after the craziness of the holidays, it’s kind of nice to put some thought to doing a reset.


That said, my resolutions are almost never about becoming a better person :\ For the most part, I focus on my hobbies and actually getting some stuff done with them. Hobbies help me keep my emotions / stress levels at an even keel. If I don’t make time for myself in a way that’s not incredibly passive (like watching videos), I start to feel unbalanced in a way that my little pill bottle can’t fix.

Anyway, my goals for 2018 (see if you can find the pattern):

  • Read 18 books
  • Write 180 pages on my works in progress
  • Create 9 videos for my YouTube channel
  • Make 18 finished objects (knit, sewing, embroidery, whatever else I pick up this year)
  • Try 18 new recipes
  • Get a final draft of the book I finished in 2017 done and start submitting it

What do you have planned? Do you do resolutions at all?

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