Resolved. Neko Atsume should have an option to switch to a 360 degree panoramic view. WHAT’S IN THE REST OF THE YARD??!!

Resolved. The flat white and the latte are essentially the same drink. Yes, I know some people beg to differ.But if it takes you a whole essay to spell out the difference, then you're earching for a difference that isn’t really there.


Resolved. Pulpoperdida needs to stop thinking her way out of things that are good for her, like a cute Turkish sex friend(tm) who responds to text messages by saying “no sweats.”


It may in fact be that he’s looking for something a little more serious than pulpo is ready for, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it, shall we?

Resolved, Adriene from “Yoga with Adriene” should be pulpo’s friend, and then pulpo and Adriene can make awkward jokes about her creaky floor all day long. Also pulpo is more than happy to review Paul Newman movies with her if she thinks that’s a fun activity.

What are your resolutions?