Did anyone else miss yesterday’s New Year’s resolutions thread? Post yours here...

I don’t usually make resolutions or take them too seriously. But ‘15 has been a strange and rough year, especially this winter. So it’s time to make some resolutions (really, goals) for the new year. Mine:

1. I will get my shit together (by which I mean, come up with a new planning/scheduling/organization system for work projects that works for me) even if it means going to the organization guru/life coach guy my therapist recommended.


2. By the middle of February, I will be moved across town to the neighborhood where I work. I’m giving myself an extra gold star if my new apartment building has a fitness room.

3. I will hike at least 10 times in 2016. It’s too pretty in the PNW not to!

4. As god is my witness, if it is the last damn thing my tiny body ever does, I WILL get/help get Mr. Kates re-enrolled in college this year. We hit a setback yesterday (long story tracing back to his parents not being rule followers and not really teaching him how to take care of important adult responsibilities) but I am NOT letting that stop things. He is pretty much the smartest person I know; no damn reason I should have 2 degrees and he should have none. That makes it sound like it’s my responsibility to take care of his business, and it’s not, but we do very well when we divide labor to play to our strengths. For me, that means trading off doing administrative stuff that I’m good and take pleasure in, like financial aid applications, for not really ever having to do dishes or laundry. :D

**Edited to Add: 5. I will eat less dairy. It’s so hard to say goodbye though.**

Well okay, that turned into a little rant. Your resolutions, friends? Together, we can.