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Edit: It’s my bedtime now, but I’ll be checking back tomorrow and responding! So many good suggestions so far!

So I’m going to be in New York as a tourist for ten days in September! After four wonderful days in Bethesda at the Small Press Expo (comics, comics, and more independent comics)!! Now that the initial excitement/panic of booking a plane ticket has settled, I’m starting to feel a little nervous about figuring out what to do. So—New Yorkers! What should I do in ten days?

Also, I’m going to try my best to book a tattoo at East River Tattoo. I love the styles of all the artists! I hadn’t been thinking that this would be happening so soon, so I’m trying to figure out what to get. One idea is the Bremen Town Musicians, animals on one side of my arm, and what the robbers thought they were on the other side. I was also thinking about a prairie scene, maybe an old barn with dinosaur bones beneath it and a road heading off into the distance. Thoughts?


One thing that’s tripping me up a bit is that my mom really, really doesn’t like tattoos, and she won’t even respond when I talk about it. That’s a bummer. And she’s coming to New York with me, so it’s kind of a downer. But New York!

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