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New York, continued

Hello! Thank you all for your recommendations in my last post. My friends insisted we do a bunch of random things yesterday, which means I didn't actually get to do anything on my list, but will this weekend! Please keep the recommendations coming!

I went to the New Yorker festival talk with Zadie Smith and Colm Toibin last night which was so insane for me because Zadie Smith has been my favourite author since I was 14.

I couldn't believe she was really there, substantial and sitting in front of me. And she teaches at NYU!!! I'm going to go wander around there and hope to see her again, in the least creepy way (that is still a little creepy).


America is actually where... Everything happens? Because the New Yorker festival has so many authors and actors talking and in my mind they've always been this slightly unreal, faraway presences that make entertaining and beautiful things, but I never really thought they're real people? But they are and they're all here? I never want to go home all the cool people are here!!!

Uuuugh why do I live in a literary backwater where people say "fucken oath" seriously uuuuugh.

Oh also I ate your froyo - it is... Not "yo", strictly? Like, it tastes delicious, but nothing like yoghurt? It's like semi-frozen dairy-based extruded dessert stuff? In Australia we've had heaps of froyo places pop up in the last year, but the flavours are completely different, and the most popular one is the plain, which at the place I went to was most closely approximated by "European tang" - which still didn't taste like yoghurt? Anyway I had it with Cap'n Crunch which was SO TASTY.

I ate a grilled cheese (yum) and a burger (super yum) and a hotdog (YUM) and had so many drinks (which are crazy strong here! Free pouring???).


I'm going down to Grumpy's now to listen to people talk! And also be like in Girls.

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