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New York - first impressions

Landed safely in NY! The plane ride was crazy because some 21 year old tried to talk to me about how bad Obamacare was and how universal healthcare leads to bad quality care and I was like "wut." Then he told me he wasn't republican, just "an intellectual observer". I was concerned. Then he said some stuff about how the Civil War wasn't about slavery, and also "the north didn't need slaves like the South did" and I was like "um ok I don't know your history but no."

We flew over NY and I have never seen anything so lit up in my life!!! And then the plane had to tilt to come back over the sea and the horizon was a big curved glow. Even the little cities we passed in the middle were so lit up! America must consume so much energy.

Then at the airport I met a guy who told me about tipping, he was nice! He wore a baseball hat earnestly - that's something I've noticed here, people wear hats completely unironically.


OH I saw a girl with a sweatshirt saying "Brooklyn Hipster" and she was wearing a beanie and short shorts and I was like insert gif of Aziz Ansari doing his delighted open mouth smile. (Still on my phone so I can't actually insert the gif).

Things I saw like out of the movies - an outside fire escape, a yellow school bus, a subway, the basements that open from the street (they don't seem to be watertight entrances though - how do you keep out water?).

I'm in Chinatown and people are doing construction without helmets or anything - aren't there OH&S laws here?

I had an American coffee from Grumpy's like in Girls!!! It tasted horrible but I liked it anyway because I was like "ah, American".


The sky is so smoggy here! I like that too though, it usually means pretty sunsets.

Does everyone have spooky handles except me now? What should mine be?

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