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New York Republicans Want Donald Trump to Run for Governor

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As if Donald Trump's ego needs further inflating, the New York GOP wants him to run against current governor, Andrew Cuomo.



He initially said he was “very flattered’’ that top Republicans were promoting his potential candidacy for governor but noted that running for the office was “not something that I’ve ever even thought about.’’


A few hours later, however, Trump followed up with a scathing attack on Gov. Cuomo — for high taxes and his failure to approve fracking for natural gas — as well as on three-term Gov. Mario Cuomo.

Under the current Gov. Cuomo, “taxes are way too high, and people are fleeing New York. We should become the energy capital of the East, and we’re not,’’ Trump said.


“He has the dumbest attorney general [Eric Schneiderman, who has filed a fraud suit against his Trump University] in the United States, who is driving business out of New York and his father, Mario, was one of the worst governors in the history of the state."

While I think a Trump for Preznit run would be more entertaining, I wouldn't mind popping some popcorn for this one either. Of course, we all know Trump is too vain to actually run for anything because he would lose, and we all know how he feels about losers.


Dare to dream, New York GOP, dare to dream.



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