I have been waiting for my friend who is always way late. I am on a random corner. In ten minutes, I had more Twitter fodder than I usually do in a whole day.

Cop biker gangs, street brawls, homeless political jokesters, (which word autocorrects to molesters) and a girl rolling up her waistband to micromini her skirt while complaining about all the skanks she saw.

Also: a guy who hit on me by telling me he was famous, a dude who tried to sell me weed but didn't want to use the word, leading to a crosspurpose combo in which I thought he was begging and he thought I was buying because I gave him five bucks so then he was insisting I needed to give him more. and a guy who just really, really enjoyed eating the banana he bought at the fruit stall. He really loves him some bananas.

Oh hey, half an hour after the street brawl the cops showed up again! Timely, my friends. Timely.