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New Yorker induces angry eye-rolling by publishing casually sexist cartoon

Ladies! They sure do love their lady things — makeup, purses, charging things to credit cards, and (of course) shoes. Ladies really love shoes.

The issue with ladies is that they're always leaving their pretty lady fashion things around the house, which poses a huge problem for their husbands. Husbands be falling all over lady things, all day long!

In fact, it's such an ubiquitous situation that The New Yorker thought it would make a great subject to feature as a cartoon in the pages of their (otherwise respectable) publication.


Now, I know the blame should really lie with the artist — hello, Mr. Harry Bliss! — but did no one at The New Yorker take a look at this cartoon and think, "You know what? I love an obscure 20th century modern art joke as much as the next person, but don't you think that this might be just a teeny bit sexist?"

This isn't the magazine's first run-in with gender disparities. In 2010, 27% of the publication's articles were penned by women; in 2011, The New Yorker was singled out for publishing two consecutive issues that only features two pieces by female journalists. (The magazines does not publish its masthead online, but I will be happy to check when I get home to see how many female editors The New Yorker currently employs.)


I'm a longtime reader and subscriber of The New Yorker — but it's really disappointing to see this sort of casual, shoulder-shrug brand of sexism from a publication that prides itself on being high-brow. That being said, I probably won't renew my subscription going forward.

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