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Welcome To The Bitchery

There was an article on Buzzfeed today that perfectly sums up why I have such anger at strangers over the tragedy of September 11, 2001, and how it is so easily stripped of the humanity to further an agenda. I lived in Manhattan then, and rubbed elbows with the tragedy every day. I will always remember the soldiers in full gear with their automatic rifles, greeting us in the subway stations and the fighter jets overhead. I remember the patriotic paraphernalia stands that popped up on every corner. I remember the people who couldn't return home, and had to stay with friends or in midtown hotels because the city was shut down below 14th St. I also remember watching Senator Chris Dodd on CNN that morning, when he compared the attack to Pearl Harbor. That's when I knew things were taking a turn. This article on Buzzfeed was written by a man who lost his sister that day, and he writes how strange it is that she's being immortalized among strangers, and how she's been used to justify wars. And now she's being used to sell tchotchkes to tourists, at a $24 museum where rubble is encased in glass and the tragic is on display.


I will always be irritated by the "Never Forget" bumper stickers and neon signs in convenience store windows. I will always be bothered when tragedy is waved like a banner to rally people to further a political cause. And now there's a whole museum devoted to it; one that I will never visit. I haven't lived in NYC for a long time, but I'm certain that I will never lose my New-Yorker reaction to this.

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