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Newbie runner needs advice

Haaaay, Groupstink!

Ok I know there are actual magazines and whatnot devoted to this, but I trust people here. So:

I'm not a complete newbie at running; in the past I ran maybe 6 miles a week, so I have some good shoes and a decent enough bra arrangement. But I ran a mile yesterday after a hiatus of, oh... 13 years? And my knees! My knees fucking hate me. In fact they announced their displeasure while I was running, but either I adjusted my gait to silence it, or they just went numb.


I'm a heavy gal. Over 200 lbs. So I'm wondering if I'm going to permanently damage my knees if I continue? Or should I keep going? Should I wear some kind of brace thingy or tape, or...?

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