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Newborn baby cow!!!!!!!!

Mocha had her baby two weeks early and it's a girl!

I actually think the calf is really awkward looking...:\

But she's kind of cute in an awkward way? I was mulling over names and I thought, "Chai is nice, but it's kind of awkward, so I don't know...." And then I saw the calf for the first time and she's awkward too so it fits perfectly. FYI — there might be better names out there, but shortness counts for a lot since I need to write it legibly on a three-inch wide eartag and still be able to read it from 30 feet away.


To fully embrace the awkwardness, I present you with pictures from every angle. Between my shivering and her shivering, I'm surprised I got any non-blurry photos at all.


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