Jezzies! My brain child has finally been pushed out of my brain-womb and is terrorizing this world in full force. I've been hoping to do a race/class/everything conscious feminist podcast for younger audiences for a couple of years now. After finding a great group, I've just gotten it off the ground and we are debuting our first episode today on our Tumblr. It's only 35 minutes long and we'll have a new episode every Tuesday so . . .GO LISTEN!

This is obviously shameless self promotion, but more than asking you to listen I'd love it if you could send us some feedback and comment on what you think is missing from most feminist conversations. Our group of four is pretty racially, socio-economically, and sexually diverse but of course we miss some things and are uneducated about others. I'm really hoping to build an inclusive, positive conversation that holds pop-culture and popular media accountable for the huge influence it has over how we learn about the world around us. You Jezzies are always so smart and supportive and critical (in the best way). Help a sista out and take a listen!