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Newly-minted older sibling gifts?

I have been buying a lot of baby shower gifts lately, and I was hoping that the more keyed-into-children GTers could help me get some ideas for gifts for first time big siblings under the age of 5.

I was a big sister once, but I was old enough to know what was going on and be actively excited about the impending arrival of my little brother. I’m particularly interested in consolation gifts for kids that are too young to see their little siblings as anything other than annoyances that take their parents’ attention away from them.

Are there any good books that kind of aim to empower the older siblings? I remember “The Pain and the Great One,” but I think that it’s geared more for older kids. Or are there already beloved characters (does Olivia have little sibs? did the berenstein bears ever do a flashback dealing with this?) who deal with this in specific books? I can get them any old thing, but I’d rather that it directly deal with this growing pain. I’m also not married to books, if there are other ideas.


The Pain and the Great One book cover” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

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