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News Conference in St. Louis - eta it's over

News conference starting now with Highway Patrol Chief Ron Johnson on in a few minutes.

Apparently the county prosecutor, Ferguson police chief, and county police chief did not see fit to include the HP captain who is doing a much better job than they could. Assholes.

Also, the Ferguson PD announced this morning that Brown was a suspect in a "strong-arm" robbery earlier that day. Firstly, we do not live in a society where being a suspect of a crime of stealing a box of cigars has the punishment of being assassinated. Secondly, if this was a legit thing, why the hell haven't the police taken his friend into custody for questioning as an accomplice?


Anyhoo, Captain Johnson went down to the area by the QuikTrip after the Ferguson police chief announced the whole robbery bullshit and started talking to people. Captain Johnson said he would be taking some activists and community leaders with him to the conference.

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