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News Conference on Ferguson

basic rundown of what's said —

at least dozen buildings total loss fires

officers hit by rocks, batteries

PD capt said over 150 shots fired around protesting areas (not by cops)

County PD chief said he told troops to back off when protesting started

protesters covered W. Florissant Rd, tactical vehicles came to try to protect business


problems started on S. Florissant Rd, set up was at W. Florissant so not in right place at right time

"I didn't see a lot of peaceful protest" - yep, trying to blame everyone for a small group stirring shit up


police did not fire any shots (of live ammo or rubber bullets)

focus on no loss of life (well, yeah, what else can you claim when the damn city of Ferguson turned into a tinderbox)


reiteration from HP capt that not peaceful protesting, etc (easier to blame protesters than acknowledge systemic racism that led to problems, eh?)

confirmation that officer shooting in University City not related to protesting

County PD capt saying no way to prevent fires and looting unless "10,000" police officers, not an issue of being under-prepared for results of grand jury


regarding tomorrow, "we'll have a plan going forward tomorrow" - so, jack shit was planned for tonight

29 arrests in Ferguson area (no idea about South City - that's city pd, not county

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