TW: (obvs) for weight issues

We fatties are well aware that we're supposed to resolve to lose weight and get gorgeous for the new year, and so far today Facebook has drummed that concept into my obese head, with already-fit people sharing "light and healthy" recipes to "start your new year off right", the usual number of "here's me doing my workout, what did you do today" posts/photos,and preachy articles about how to keep your resolutions. That last one - seriously - the only people who've posted those are the super-exercisers and extreme-dieters. I shit you not.


So we've got the helpful concern-trolling taken care of. What's ALSO awesome are the mean-spirited and shaming posts, like the person who reposted something from Thought Catalog (I know) about what's wrong with the fat acceptance movement. But the absolute worst are the "screw you newbies at the gym" ones from regular gym goers. My fat fat fatty blood is boiling.

They're all about how regular gym-goers hate the influx of new chubsters in January because they don't know gym etiquette and hog all the equipment and are generally in the way and unwelcome. And to these gym rats I say, FUCK. YOU. As if the fatties haven't paid just as much damn money to be there as you have? As if the porky pigs actually conspired to annoy you and ruin your day? As if you yourself weren't once a (possibly tubby) newbie? As if no one should bother getting their thunder thighs to the gym unless they're already in shape, lest they "ruin" your precious work-out time? As if the gym is your own personal space???


It's hard enough to make the decision to start exercising. It's even harder - for many - to make the financial commitment of joining a gym. It's hardest of all to put on clothes that reveal our GIGANTIC ELEPHANTINE FATNESS and go to a place full of Beautiful People. Just do your own damn exercise and let us do ours and all will be well.

I mean, shit. How about everyone resolves not to worry about anyone else's body type, size, shape, or appearance? That's a movement I could totally get behind.