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ABiL called last night. Among the things he told Mr. Ivriniel, Niece has learned a new trick. She now knows how to climb the baby gates and can get out of places they put her any time she wants to. Their townhome is on three levels, so they have one on her bedroom door, one at the kitchen to keep her out, and one at the basement stairs.

ASiL does not know what to do, so they are just going to leave the gates up for now. Apparently her only strategy for keeping niece out if the way and under control was to put her in her room, and doesn’t want to give the gates up.

Seems to me that once a kid is climbing over the baby gates, the gates themselves are now a safety hazard, as she could get caught on them trying to go over them. Remove the ones at her bedroom door and the kitchen. Perhaps leave the one on the basement stairs, but attach a piece of plywood or something to the front so she doesn’t have anything to climb up.


We saw my MiL on Canada Day, and my MiL says ASiL told her that she was thinking about taking a break from trying to toilet train Niece. Niece is 3 and and 3 months. Apparently Niece will listen to ABiL when he tells her to use the potty, but actively resists going when ASiL tries to get her to do it. ASiL told my MiL that she read in a book that if toilet training becomes hard, you should just take a break.

Seems to me that that advice is for if your kid isn't developmentally ready for toilet training. If she is toileting for her Dad but not listening to Mom, the issue that needs to be addressed is more fundamental than toilet training, and taking a break from toilet training won't resolve it.

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