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News Story on First Integrated Georgia Prom

Many of you are, I'm sure, familiar with the media attention being paid to Wilcox County, Georgia, after it was discovered that a high school there conducts two proms each year; one black, one white. You're probably also aware that 2013 is the first year that an integrated prom has existed, after the efforts of several students to, you know, be decent human beings and stuff like that. Here is the actual CNN report on the whole thing.

My favorite part of this video? When Mareshia Rucker (one of the driving forces behind the integrated prom) responds to the question about some residents feeling like bringing up the idea of an integrated prom was "creating a race issue when nobody ever thought about it before." You can actually see her trying to maintain politeness, but being unable to completely avoid the blunt truth after fighting with herself for a few seconds. "That is...such a...load...of crap."

PS. I know she uses "literally" instead of "figuratively" at one point, but eh, she's 18 and doing an interview for a major news network, I give her a pass.


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