Am I the only person left who likes, nay loves The Newsroom? Probably will get 1,000 resounding "YES"'s but WHATEVER I.DON'T.CARE.I.LOVE.IT. I'm a 90's sorkin bitch.

See, I agree with the criticisms of the show's first season. I think the characters can be very out of touch when they preach monologues as though filibustering in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, or when they succumb to the "telling-not-showing" aspect of romantic relationships on shows (JIM LOVES MAGGIE BECAUSE...they said it a bunch?). And Will is a RINO. He definitely needs fleshing out as a respectable right-wing character; calling him a republican and telling us a few times that he supports cringe-inducing immigration reform and is pro-life doesn't abate the attacks of leftist bias that Sorkin's materials usually get. He has some good points at times concerning these issues, but they're usually off-air and too sparse. Of course he would seem insanely liberal compared to the Tea Party, but there were ways in which he could've been better representing fiscal conservatives.

Besides those criticisms, I feel the show didn't need to have everyone in a position of power at ACN be white, though I do love all the work of the actors who they've chosen (a similar criticism can be aimed at The West Wing, even though the main cast played their respective parts so well I can't imagine anyone else in any of the roles except for maaaaybe matthew perry as the Josh Lyman character instead of the Joe the Lawyer but maybe not even then).

All the woes aside, it is a Sorkin show, and it has the fast-paced dialogue that flies like punches in an action movie and the screwball romantic comedy/ broadway-esque slapstick bits that make the show exciting and endearing. The attacks of sexism are completely unfounded, lacking any evidence from the actual source material (everyone is a screw-up on this show, everyone trips, everyone yells in the office/has inappropriate emotions in the office, EVERYONE, M/F, and I've always thought it rather sexist to say that a woman who makes mistakes or is annoying is a poorly-drawn character). And besides all of that, it's a show about real things. I like fantasy and sci-fi, as well as ridiculous dramas about whatever the fuck, but I don't usually come out of those shows with any insight, and I genuinely feel that whether or not you agree with what The Newsroom has to say, it requires your attention, thought, and rebuttals if need be, which I genuinely think does not happen with any other show I watch. This show thinks things like the insanity of the Tea Party, the debt ceiling crisis, lies told about the Obama Administration, lies told by the Obama Administration, are all important things to discuss. I can't hate a show for taking the real world seriously and refusing to adopt the cynical, apathy-approving, satirical outlook of most shows that try to tackle these topics take nowadays. A show that asks you think, even about why it might be wrong or preachy or reductive in its treatment of issues you know more about, cannot be a bad thing to me.